Finding a good pint of ale is not always an easy task. For some, a beer is just a beer. But, for those of us in the know, an ale can be the perfect cure for any trouble or even the refreshment to accompany a meal. That ‘ahhh’ after the first sip just can’t be beaten.

For those that are uninitiated to the wonders of a real ale, you may not be convinced. Here are some reasons why you should put aside the cheapest draft and make way for a quality drink to hit your palate here at The Royal Silverdale.

What Makes a Good Ale

Ale versus lager is something which many ale aficionados would say is a losing battle. That ale will always come out on top for one simple reason; taste. Lager, as a standard, has a very basic taste which is best served ice cold. But, for those that drink ale, there is a world of taste explosions ready to be explored and you don’t have to serve it ice cold to improve the flavour.

As a living substance, ale is forever changing in the cask. The flavours develop, mature and swirl together to make a tasty and different experience with every glass. A wine connoisseur has many words to describe the perfect glass of wine, but even they could not wax poetic about the taste of a true ale. The fruity undertones of a good ale include, but are in no way limited to, apple, plum, cherry, prune, pineapple and even banana. Layered with notes of toffee, butter, nuts, fresh wheat and even citrus. A real ale can hold a different flavour with every sip.

Location is also a factor in determining a good ale. A good cellarman knows how to take care of ale well, so if you have had a bad ale experience in the past it may be due to the establishment in question not knowing how to properly care for it. Good storage and the perfect pouring technique go a long way to creating a drink you will be thinking of for many moons after.

Best of all, a good pub atmosphere is the best way to enjoy a good ale. You shouldn’t expect to walk into any old place and the magic will happen. The happy murmur, light music and lazy sun rays streaming through the windows can only be found in certain places. Seek these out and you will be sure to find an ale experience worth coming back for, again and again.

A Family Business – Official Stockists

Here at the Royal Silverdale, we are pleased to announce that we are now official stockists of the range of amazing Robinsons Brewery ales. Brewing since 1838, it is safe to say that this is a family business that knows a thing or two about a good pint. We’ll be pulling you a Dizzy Blonde, Veltings, Robinsons Smooth, and even a Stowfords Cider depending on your tastes.

Good ale, good food and good company. This is the joining of one family business to another, adding to the amazing time that can be found on any given night here at The Royal.

Has this array of fantastic ales whet your appetite? Book a table with us today and experience these amazing ales with a hearty serving of good food.