Everybody knows that up North there are a few things which differ from the rest of the country – the slang, our general attire (usually including wellies) and, of course, the grub.

We are known for our hearty meals, from pies to a classic shepherd’s pie, but what food actually originates from here?

Below is a mouthwatering selection of some of the area’s best.

Local Delicacies

Cumberland Sausage

A delicious treat which is served all around the country is the humble Cumberland sausage.

Originating in the ancient county of Cumberland, which is now named Cumbria, these sausages are distinct for their mixture of herbs and customary swirl shape.

Traditionally served with mash potatoes and gravy, you don’t get much heartier than this dish.

Grasmere Gingerbread

Nestled in the tiny Lakeland village of Grasmere, which was home to literary legend William Wordsworth, is Sarah Nelson’s Grasmere Gingerbread.

A tourist hotspot, with stocklists ranging across the world, the tiny shop is home to a selection of the famed sweet biscuit and other award-winning delicacies, such as fudge and preserves.

Invented in 1854 by Victorian cook Sarah Nelson, the gingerbread is still made fresh daily from the same church cottage home it originated.

Differing from the standard shop-bought gingerbread due to its flaky crumb and spicy-sweet chewy taste, this is a delicacy that simply cannot be missed.


As is common in most counties in England, local cheese continues to reflect a taste of the area.

Specialities originating from the Lake District include Kendal Crumbly cheese, Eden Valley Organic Brie and Cumberland Smoked Cheese.

Kendal Mint Cake

A snack made famous for its inclusion on famous expeditions, the Kendal Mint Cake is the result of a batch of glacier mint sweets that allegedly went wrong during the production process.

This was in 1869, and, by 1914, a sweet shop was opened in its honour. By 1953, Kendal Mint Cake had made its way up Mount Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary and Sirdar Tenzing.

Made from sugar, glucose and a distinct flavour of peppermint, the confection is still enjoyed by people all over the world.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

A Cumbrian pub staple is the deliciously warming sticky toffee pudding.

Made from a mixture of sponge cake, dates, toffee and traditionally served with vanilla custard, this treat is a beautiful after-dinner speciality.

The origin of the dessert still remains unclear; however, most believe that the first ever take on the traditional English pudding was created in the Lake District.

A Taste of the Lakes

Known across the world for its breathtaking scenery, the Lake District attracts thousands of visitors per year.

With the additional draw of such amazing food, it is clear to see why it is such a popular UK destination.

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