When it comes to beautiful lakes, there aren’t many that rival the lakes in Cumbria. Being the home of the lake district, the variety of lakes is staggering. From mind blowing scenery to watersport havens, the lakes in Cumbria have everything. 

Find out which are the best lakes in Cumbria as well as the lakes which you should visit.


Let’s jump straight in…

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Lakes in Cumbria

1. Loweswater Lake


If you’re looking for a beautiful, peaceful lake which isn’t too far from a lovely inn, you will definitely want to visit Loweswater lake

Enveloped by spectacular mountains and a vibrant green forest, Loweswater lake is undoubtedly one of the prettiest lakes in Cumbria. 


As mentioned, Loweswater lake is in the close vicinity of a local inn. The Kirkstile Inn provides not just quality food, but a warm and cosy atmosphere. At just half a mile from the hamlet of Loweswater, The Kirkstile Inn is the perfect accompaniment to a long walk at Loweswater lake.


For lovers of amazing views and quality food, Loweswater lake is a must visit!


2. Windermere Lake


Now if you’re more into lakes of a spectacular size, look no further than Windermere lake


Windermere is the largest lake in Cumbria’s lake district. Explore all its 10.5 mile glory onboard a Windermere Lake Cruise vessel. They feature regular cruises for those who want to experience the lake’s wonder on water. 


Windermere lake is just over a mile from the town of Windermere itself but the village of Bowness-on-Windermere sits on its shoreline in the centre of the lake. Both of these towns feature numerous bars and restaurants, so a trip to Windermere is not just a delight for your eyes, but for your taste buds!


There aren’t many lakes in Cumbria with such an array of activities. Whether that’s an exciting boat cruise or a nearby indoor climbing centre, you won’t be short of choice at Windermere!


For those staying at the Holgates Holiday Park in Silverdale, a trip to Lake Windermere takes just a 30 minute drive.


3. Bassenthwaite Lake


For lovers of animals and wildlife, Bassenthwaite lake is the perfect lake for you. The woods next to Bassenthwaite lake are home to the rare red squirrel. The lake itself is home to an abundance of fish species. These include the rare vendace and the atlantic salmon. 

Not only this, but hundreds of birds including osprey migrate to the lake each year. A pair of binoculars is a must when visiting Bassenthwaite lake!


This beautiful lake is also home to a small open air theatre which was built in 1974. The poet Alfred Tennyson is thought to have composed much of his poem Morte d’Arthur in the place where the open air theatre lies. 


Bassenthewaite lake is also one of the largest lakes in Cumbria stretching to 4 miles long!

So the trek around Bassenthwaite lake gives you ample time to admire its beauty.


4. Coniston Water


For adventure seekers, Coniston Water is a lake you won’t want to miss. Boats and bikes are available to hire at Coniston boating centre. So whichever way you want to experience the beauty of Coniston Water, you won’t be short of choice!


A trip to Coniston Water cannot be complete without a visit to the Old man of Coniston. No this isn’t a resident of Coniston but in fact a fell. The walk around this fell has been named one of the best fell walks in the lake district. 


The old man gives hikers the perfect view of the quiet village of Coniston. Valleys and old copper mines can also be spotted during the hike of the old man of Coniston. 


It is obvious why so many people from around the world consider the lakes in Cumbria as some of the best in the world, after all it has World Heritage status too! From staggering scenery to endless activities, the lakes in Cumbria deliver on all levels. 


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