Another year, another fantastic summer line up of events that are cause for celebration.

The next on the line up? 15th June 2018 is National Beer Day– why not celebrate in style at The Royal at Silverdale? We have a range of fantastic beers and ales for you to sample in its honour!

But what are the origins of National Beer Day? Is it just an excuse to try out some of your favourite beers? We take an in-depth look!

The History of the Day

Launched in 2015 by award-winning beer sommelier, drinks educator, broadcaster and writer Jane Peyton, the day is much more than an excuse to hit the pub with your friends.

The roots of the day lie within the Magna Carta; on the date in which the iconic document was sealed, 15th June 1215, the document expressly mentions ale in clause 35:

“Let there be throughout our kingdom a single measure for wine and a single measure for ale and a single measure for corn, namely the London quarter”

Ale was an important part of life in 1215, which acutely reflects how large a part of our culture it is today – without beer and ale, we would have no pubs, which many believe to be a pivotal part of British culture.

The day is a celebration of the delightful drink and attempts to raise the profile of beer and its interesting heritage.

Our Selection

As is common for this exciting day each year, brewers will brew special beers, breweries will host beer festivals, speciality beer retailers will host events in their shop and pubs and bars will host a wider selection of delicious beers and ales to commemorate.

Hand of bartender pouring a large lager beer in tap

At The Royal we have a fantastic selection on offer to complement the occasion.

We have the usual suspects; Carling, Brahma, Boddingtons and Stowford Press Cider are always on offer, ready to be enjoyed throughout the year whenever you fancy.

In terms of ale, we have Robinsons Dizzy Blonde on cask, which is a clear pale golden colour with tastes of apple, yeast, lemon and subtle pale malt.

There is the trusty OSB (Old School Brewery) Detention also on cask, which is a delicious bitter that is a clean, straw colour. The OSB is fully flavoured and packed with floral aromas and a slightly dry finish.

Don’t forget!

Utilising the same day each year, many celebrate the national treasure that is beer – why not join us for the celebrations?

Official guidelines from the organisers state that the focus of Beer Day Britain is the National Cheers to Beer at 7 pm. People are asked to raise a glass and say ‘Cheers to Beer’.

Don’t forget to use the unique hashtag, #CheersToBeer whenever you post on social media – people can do the cheers at whichever time suits them, but the main time is 7 pm.

Come along to The Royal at Silverdale to get in on the action.