When you’re enjoying a delicious meal, there’s nothing better than having a complementary glass (or bottle) of wine to really top off your experience. While our staff will be able to advise you on which wines to enjoy with your meal, why not take a look at our pairing guide so you can be prepared and get stuck straight in?

White Wine

We have a selection of dry white wines on our menu which will pair delightfully with light fish dishes. These wines have citrus notes but offer varying hints such as vanilla and floral notes. The Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc will all pair with dishes such as our Moules Frites which consists of mussels in a chorizo and white wine sauce, served with shoe string chips and a garlic mayo dip.

We would recommend trying a glass of Chardonnay with the starter of seared chicken livers, bacon lardons and mustard cream sauce in a puff pastry case.

Rose Wine

With a dry (Pinot Grigio Rose) and a sweet (Zinfandel Rose) on offer, rose drinkers out there will be able to pair their wine with their food with ease!

With the Pinot Grigio, you can use the same rules as the white Pinot Grigio – salads, seafood and chicken are all good choices for pairing with your tipple.

Our sweet Zinfandel wine offers a fruity mix of watermelon and cherry, so is perfect for light dishes such as salads. You could also have a glass in place of a dessert if you don’t feel able to fit any more food in!

Red Wine

The full and rich flavours of red wine call for foods of a similar richness. Our reds include Sangiovese, Merlot and Shiraz which range from medium to full-bodied.

These wines tend to pair best with red meat, cured meats and hard cheeses. The Sangiovese we offer would pair well with our lamb shank, whereas the Merlot would perfectly complement the starter of duck leg croquette served with damson chutney and Asian slaw. The Shiraz, on the other hand, sits on the full-bodied side of the scale, so would be great with 8oz sirloin steak or our roast beef from the Sunday menu.

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is often enjoyed alone, perhaps as a celebratory tipple or for a special occasion, but a glass of Prosecco or sparkling wine can pair nicely with a cheeseboard. If you choose to enjoy our cheese platter, a glass of bubble may just be the perfect accompaniment.

How can you beat good food matched good wine?! Of course, these rules aren’t set in stone, so if you would rather experiment, why not?

You can take a look at our full menu including our wine list here. If you would like to book a table, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 01524 702608 and we will be more than happy to accommodate you and your party.