The best thing about our location here in Silverdale is that you are never more than a stone’s throw away from one stunning location or the other. A breakfast or mid-morning meal, then, can be followed by a leisurely walk to any number of locations surrounding us. You may be surprised by the wonders that are only a short walk away from our doorstep!

So, where can you walk after a lovely meal here at The Royal?

The Pepperpot

If you want to experience stunning views after only a sixteen-minute walk, then Castle Bank is a great spot to head towards. It is, by many standards, quite a modest hill. But, you will find it difficult to surpass the views found at the peak of this incline. Whether you have a love for land or sea, there is something for every walker to enjoy.

Not only is this location home to amazing views across the countryside, but it is also the location for a curious little structure known as – unsurprisingly – the Pepperpot. This small structure was erected in 1887 in an effort to commemorate the gold jubilee of Queen Victoria. Perhaps not the grandest of the constructions made in her honour that year, but it marks a spot of considerable beauty that speaks to the majesty of her reign.

As an added incentive to visit this little walking destination, on occasion you can even see Blackpool Tower!

Wolf House Gallery

Culture may be the perfect dessert for any meal you have here at The Royal. It’s less than fifteen minutes away, so no real effort for those who love the outdoors. Better yet, at the end of your walk, you will find an array of unique, hand-made, ceramics that make a fantastic addition to your home. You will also be safe in the knowledge that no one else will have it!

Silverdale Golf Course

Of course, you may want something sportier following your scrumptious dinner. In which case, there is a spectacular golf course only a half an hour walk away. The perfect length of time to settle your stomach and gear yourself up for an afternoon of putting up.

This club boasts some of the friendliest members in the country, so visitors are always welcomed with open arms. Although, if you are going on a popular day such as Saturday or Sunday, it is advised that competitions may be taking place. Booking ahead can ensure that you can play when is suitable for you. Preferably after a hearty meal and drink at The Royal, where you can also appreciate a victory pint after your turn on the holes.

Jenny Brown’s Point

Under half an hour away from The Royal lies at a place known as Jenny Brown’s Point. It is a pleasant walk down the Lancashire Coastal Way, with an intriguing chimney located not very far away. A chimney, you ask? Well, so does every historian and individual that has come into contact with this structure.

Why is it there? What, in fact, was it a part of to begin with? Theories abound; it was originally a beacon, a kiln or, more popularly, it is suggested that it had been an eighteenth-century copper smelt. Historians and volunteers have long sought to uncover the secrets of this site, but, for now, theories are all that exist.

If you are keen to solve a perplexing mystery, then this is a must-walk location! Although it may take more than a few trips to help decipher the true meaning of this chimney.

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